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Breaking the cycle of sex trafficking and exploitation
by empowering survivors to reach their full potential

Pair up with a survivor for 6 months and complete a life purpose discovery program.

Join or lead a small group offering support to survivors in their healing journey.

Attend, plan or speak to gatherings and trainings to enrich and inspire survivors.

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Sexual abuse in childhood is often the first step in the vicious cycle of a lifetime marred by sexual exploitation. When a child is violated, natural defense mechanisms rise up to help the child cope and survive the abuse. Multiple perpetrators who should have been safe such as parents, relatives, foster parents, and family friends often take their turn in abusing children, breaking their spirit, and inflicting untold damage to their self-concept and fragile soul.

Pimps and other perpetrators also use violence to manipulate their victims into believing there is no way out. Threats of violence toward them or their families keep the women feeling paralyzed. In order to keep their family safe, the women succumb to further exploitation. These abusive relationships are part of what keeps them trapped, along with shame and fear of not being able to survive a “normal life.”

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center reported 2236 calls from Texas in 2013 making Texas the second highest ranking state nationwide. The Dallas-Ft Worth area is known for human trafficking- aggravated by the convergence of highways and close proximity to the US-Mexico border.

Engaging Christians to Free Survivors of Sexual Exploitation.

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